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Make Your Search Safe, Simple & Speedy

Career Wallet

Make Your Search Safe, simple & Speedy

Career Wallet

Make Your Search Safe, Simple & Speedy

Career Wallet



We get it, it's challenging submitting your resume and verifying your background with recruiters and HR over and over again, even before you get to interview. At Thrivacy, we think the hard part shouldn't be proving your identity. Finding a great career or a great employee is supposed to happen during conversations with hiring managers, not during a technology exchange.

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly designed LinkedIn profile or professionally written resume isn’t accepted as the Truth by employers?

What if there was a way you could easily gather all in one place:
  • Employment history
  • Academic Background
  • Licensing and professional credentials
  • Driving record, criminal record and background check info
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States


    When our Founder and CEO, Dr. Gordon Jones, was being onboarded at the University of South Carolinain the summer of ‘20 to teach a course on blockchain and identity, he found out that employers all around the world like USC had to hire third party companies to check their candidate’s backgrounds before they can be hired. As a well known influencer on LinkedIn, Dr. Jones wondered why his LinkedIn Profile couldn’t be accepted as fact by an employer, so he did his research. It turns out that LinkedIn does not verify any of the information on a person’s profile page or even the company page. This gives leeway for fake profile creation. Employers can’t trust what is presented, and neither should you!

    It's routine for employers to use third-party companies to verify a person's identity. But what if you could take control of your personal information, and hold it in one secure place without it passing through to a third party?



    Thrivacy will be the leading provider of self-sovereign identity wallets. We give you control over your personal identity information, and the ability to share your information safely and securely without any interference from a third party.


    Currently, when you apply for a job, your resume is submitted through a system called an ATS or applicant tracking system. This tool collects your career history for the employer. many companies either have someone inside the business or use ai technology to review your resume to determine if it is a good fit for the role they want to fill. Then if you meet the criteria, they schedule interviews. once you complete the various interview steps inside the company, you’ll be made a contingent job offer where references and background checks are completed. There are dozens of errors that can occur during this process, from omissions you inadvertently made on your career history, to mistakes that show up when reporting your background check. Wouldn’t it be great to know what a prospective employer was going to see before you start the process? And, if there are errors on your record, wouldn’t you like to have a chance to correct them before you start applying to jobs?

    Decentralized Digital Wallets

    Members, Verifiers and Issuers

    The Career Wallet



    What does “pre-sale” mean? Thrivacy, which is currently in beta, will be launching in early winter 2022. At that time, select members of our community will be able to download our app and start using their career wallets. The pre-sale gives you the opportunity to purchase your subscription early at a one-time promotional price with the understanding that you are helping us build Thrivacy in preparation for our launch. As an Early Bird or member of our Pre-Sale campaign, you’ll be able to download your wallet and be among the first to set up your career wallet helping us make sure we work the kinks out to better serve the world. You understand that while you are making your pre-sale purchase now, you will not be taking delivery of your wallet until we launch early next year.


    We’re proud to have 5 Pre-sale package options available for you to choose from at this time:

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